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Participating parishes Vastenactie 2022

In 2022, 3 classrooms will be built in Mahilo as an extension of the existing school. The school currently consists of 13 classrooms, but urgently needs extra classroom space. In total, about 1500 students attend this school. Ultimately, the aim is to limit the number of students per room to a maximum of 45. The aim is to improve the quality of education through a smaller group size.

The project in Mahilo has been submitted as an own goal for the fasting campaign ‘Vastenactie’. The project has been prepared together with the parish of Clare of Assisi and the parish of Francis of Assisi. The Clara van Assisi parish covers the Roman Catholic churches in Gorredijk, Oosterwolde, Drachen and Zorgvlied. The Francis of Assisi parish has locations in Assen, Roden and Zuidlaren. Both parishes have a website with more information: see and

We hope that at the end of this year a positive decision about our project has been taken by the organization of the Vastenactie!