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Project 2023 Kabyobyobyo, review by Herman


16 januari 2024, construction coördinator Herman  from Woerden

In 2013, BmB is building a 1×3 classroom block in Longe when I receive a visit from, 2 strangers, asking me to come over and see their school. I know from experience that this request must be translated into: “We also would like such a school”. This was teh beginning of Project 2023 Kabyobyobyo.

Review Project 2023 Kabyobyobyo

Of course I looked at their school, it was a school like so many others. A building made of wood and clay and with a thatched roof, all in very poor condition. I promise to discuss it with the Kaoma-BmB board. I can’t promise anything else.

Now, 10 years later, there is a 1×3 classroom block in Kabyobyobyo, somewhere in the bush. I am being applauded as if I personally did this. “We knew you were coming, we knew you would do it.” It is almost impossible to convince them that I am just a cog in the whole BmB thing. Of course, BmB will again provide the furniture this year and, for the first time, also the school uniforms.


I feel like a privileged person that I can experience this again and again, the gratitude, the joy that radiates from the entire community; heart warming.

Since 2018, BmB no longer sends a container with second-hand clothing to Kaoma because it is very expensive and because the quality requirements are increasing.

This year we have therefore chosen to buy bales of second-hand clothing in Lusaka and distribute them to the poorest of the poor. It was a success but still… it couldn’t be any better. Better quality, buy larger batches or, as with the production of school uniforms, have them made locally so that people generate an income from it? Lots to think about.

BmB footprint. I fly back and forth to Zambia twice every year, sometimes trees have to be cut down to create space for the building. The footprint is probably not too bad, but still. We can reduce this by planting new trees. This summer, out of gratitude, we were offered a piece of land in Kabyobyobyo to realize this. Very nice of course, but it is too big to accept this without legal documents. So start on a small scale first.

Willem Bouma

Project 2023 Kabyobyobyo BouwenmetBoumas

In 2010, Willem went to Kaoma for the last time to build a school for disabled children. I thought it would be a good idea, now that Willem has passed away, to name the school after him, of course in consultation with his family and the BmB board and the school board.

Everyone agreed, the Willem Bouma school is a fact.


Herman Bouma, photographer/coordinator.

More pictures of the project delivery: take a look aside on Facebook. What did Herman receive as a gift?

BouwenmetBoumas from Woerden, Herman Bouma

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