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A new/ extra construction coordinator

Herman Bouma has been involved with BmB from the very beginning. As BmB has been around for almost twenty years, Herman got also a bit older. He is still on his racing bike, but still, a transfer is better to come too early than too late. That is why the board has posted a vacancy for the position of construction coordinator, and the choice fell on Gerard Schoemaker. And as Herman has not planned to stop yet, there is for the moment two horsepower.

We wish Gerard a lot of success and hereby a short introduction by Gerard himself.

Last August I had my 68th anniversary, we live in Gaanderen, in the mid east of the Netherlands. I am married with Cora, who works in the healthcare. We have 3 children. Machiel our adoptive son from Zambia, Joske my daughter, married with Puck. Since 29 th December last year they are the proud parents of our first grandson Emanuel. Fedde is our youngest son.
After my education on the vocational school (building) and the technical Highschool (architect) I started to work in our family company: Brothers Schoemaker Hardware shops and Carpentry in our region. Here I am still working, more than 48 years. Before tha t we
had with 4 brothers several D.I.Y shops like the chains PlusKlus, Fixet and Formido. Since almost 5 years we have rented out our building to a big concern, named Praxis. We still are carrying on with the carpentry which by now exists 140 year!

I always have been practising development work, first by working and travelling 1,5 year all over the world. I also worked 3 years in Zambia, Manyinga, NWP, as general manager of SNV at Muzama Crafts Ltd. At present I work already 14 years as volunteer exp ert with PUM Netherlands Senior Experts. I have carried out more than 45 short term missions all over the world in my expertise: wood, furniture, building and trade.
In my free time I play drums in a band, we travel a lot with our camper. Furthermore reading, cycling and since recently we enjoy the
presence of Emanuel!

When I saw the vacancy as project coordinator, at Bouwen met Bouma’s in Kaoma, Zambia, as successor of Herman, I knew
immediately that this was made for me!

I am excited to get started.