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A new/ extra local board member

As BmB does every year a new main project and maintenance of former installed estate has to be taken care of as well, the local Kaoma board has been extended with one extra member. Hamulondo, allready working several years for BmB, has been selected as the extra force.

We congratulate Hamulondo a wish him lot of success for the future. Hereby a short introduction by our fresh BmB boardmember himself.

“I’m Hamulondo born 41 years ago and come from a humble family of 10. I live in Kaoma District of Western Province of the Republic of Zambia where i work for the Ministry of Education as a driver/mechanic. I’m a trained secondary school teacher by profession and equally serves as a reservist sergeant in the Zambia Police service, as well as an Inspector of Government transport for Kaoma District.

My mother died of cancer in August 2000, and the following year, my father died in march 2001 in an unclear circumstance.

Empowered by my own trials and my unwavering commitment to charity, I wanted to contribute to the growth of the community, engaging in initiatives that touch the lives of the less privileged.

Given my passion for charitable work, I had a desire to join any charity organization where I could continue serving communities. Eventually, in 2019, I began assisting BmB an organization.

This year 2023, BmB Kaoma successfully handed over a 1×3 classroom block at Kabyobyobyo and donated second-hand clothes to the communities of Kamuni, Lukute, and Mulundu, in addition to previous projects completed by BmB. The organization has also built and handed over 1×3 classroom blocks at Kashompa, Longe, Kashokoto, Mwanawasa, Namasheshe and many other places to numerous to mention.

But the local board of BmB is engaged in a range of other activities including providing transport for burial services for unclaimed bodies, caring for underprivileged children, orphans, and expectant mothers in difficult situations. The organization also provides community services such as donation of clothes and tree planting. The local board is quite active.

As a new member of the board, I’m grateful to God for igniting my desire to fulfill my purpose as a charity worker. I express deep appreciation to BmB Netherlands for the incredible work they are doing to uplift the living standard of the people of Kaoma. Their efforts bring smiles to those living in poverty, and their contributions have transformed lives”.