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Project 2024 & Fasten action

Bouwen met Bouma’s Project 2024: Construction of 4 new classrooms at Kaoma Trades Institute in Zambia 

In the Zambian city of Kaoma, the capacity of secondary education is being significantly expanded, thanks to the construction of new classrooms. Parents provide building materials and apprentice carpenters make the furniture. Check the latest developments here. And more about Vastenactie below.

What is going on?

Zambia’s population is growing rapidly and likewise the need for schools. The government has enshrined the right to primary education in law, but the quality can be improved a lot. Most children go to free municipal schools, where teachers are hardly paid. In parts of Zambia there are no secondary schools at all. Unemployment in the country is high and a high school diploma or vocational training increases the chance of a good job.

What do we want to achieve?

In the city of Kaoma there is a secondary and vocational school, the Kaoma Trade Institute. The number of students has grown considerably, therefore more classrooms are needed. Over the past 18 years Bouwen met de Bouma has financed several construction projects and the foundation wants to contribute to a better future for the people of Zambia. Being able to receive good education is an important condition for this. Building four additional classrooms increases the school’s capacity by 125 percent. This gives around 500 students aged 12 to 18 a chance for a better future.

How we operate

The school and the parents of the students are involved in the construction. They take care of extracting sand and gravel and making the bricks. This makes them feel partly responsible for the school and its future maintenance. Construction is carried out by local construction workers. The Trade Institute trains carpenters, among other things. As part of their training, they learn to make the furniture and doors for the new classrooms.

Government doubles the value

What would be the sense of a school without good teachters? Not a lot , isn’t it?
Therefore, as a compliment to the new building, and after construction is completed, the government will hire and pay certified teachers.

Sustainable education (for now and for the future)

The local people are responible for the new building and BmB supports future maintenance. We are going for the long run.

What is Vastenactie and how does it work?

Saint Anthony of Padua parish in Sneek is campaigning for this project to raise the necessary project money. Project 2024 has been approved by Vastenactie for a total amount of € 11,050. This means that if € 8,500 is raised through this campaign, Vastenactie will contribute 30%. So an additional amount of a maximum of € 2,550. So, if you donate to Vastenactie, your contribution will be increased by 30%! If you would like to know more about Vastenactie, check the following link.

Scan the QR code below with your mobile to take advantage of the +30% added value.