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BouwenmetBoumas Project 2024 Kaoma KTTI, building starts with making bricks


9th of February 2024, Bouwcoördinator Herman  from Zambia


Cholera …

It was expected that the cholera outbreak in Zambia would complicate the work of BouwenmetBoumas, but not like this. The government has decided that the schools will not reopen on January 29, but only on February 12, before which they will be inspected by the Ministry of Health to check whether everything is sufficiently clean. If not, the school will remain closed. I was supposed to go home again on February 15, but we decided that I would stay for 2 weeks longer.

First stones, and then into the ground

The work on project 2024, the construction of a 4 classroom block, including office spaces, at the Kaoma Trades Training Institute is in full swing, 8000 bricks/blocks need to be made, heavy work. They are expected to be ready in 3 days. We use 8 inch blocks for the foundation and 6 inches for the walls. Next week we hope to set out the lines and start the foundation. Manual work, heavy work. Without any setbacks, we expect the concrete floor to be ready on March 3, the day of my departure.

Rain or no rain

The biggest setback would be heavy rainfall, which could delay construction, but the question is whether that should be classified as a setback. It has hardly rained for a while, the rain is more than welcome. I can already hear the word ‘famine’ being whispered. Hopefully it doesn’t get that bad. Just received a message that a new case of cholera has been brought into the hospital, so far all patients came from Lusaka, I don’t know if this is also the case. You still need to pay attention.

BouwenmetBoumas from Kaoma, Herman Bouma

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BouwenmetBouma-Building starts with making bricks. And there are 8,000 pieces this year.🙂

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