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BouwenmetBoumas, Project 2025 Naliele, oankundiging

BouwenmetBoumas, Project 2025 Naliele, visit to a Royal Highness and announcement to the community


February 13, 2024, Construction coordinator Herman from Zambia


3 important tasks

The visit of the BouwenmetBoumas construction coordinator to Zambia always has three important agenda items. 1. maintaining contacts with the local boardmembers, 2 the current project and 3 the project for next year. Today’s agenda was Project 2025 Naliele. And this will be again a school with 3 classrooms.



​Project 2025, announcement to the community of Naliele

For Project 2025 Naliele has been chosen by the local BmB Board. Naliele is a small community located 6 km west of Kaoma. Chairman Alexius Shiswashwa makes the announcement of Project 2025, together with other members of the local government. The community is told that they are also expected to make an important contribution. They have to ensure that the sand and gravel gets there. And this always provokes a desired discussion. Through their own efforts, the involvement of the community is increased. And it is cost-saving for BouwenmetBoumas.

Report by Herman

Before colonial times, Zambia consisted of a number of kingdoms, Barotseland in the Western Province was one such kingdom. During colonial times, Barotseland always remained a kingdom under a British protectorate. Today it is still a kingdom on paper.

A king of course needs people to carry out his duties properly… these are his chiefs and Senior Chiefs. One Senior Chief lives in Naliele.

But before we can tell the community in Naliele that we will build a 1 x 3 classroom block in 2025, we first have to go to the Senior Chief. And believe me, this is still quite difficult. You cannot just ring the doorbell, no, this involves showing a lot of respect. Traditional respect.

First we are received by an assessment committee who assesses whether the chief is able/willing to receive us. Before we enter, we have had to kneel several times and gently clap our hands, out of respect.

We are approved.

To the palace.

At the palace we kneel, clap hands, wait and move forward a bit, but eventually we are in the reception area where we are assigned a chair. As soon as His Royal Highness, yes that is how he is addressed, approaches, we have to sit on the ground so that he can pass. At his signal we can sit back on the chair.

For a down-to-earth Frisian like me, it takes some persevering, but…

The purpose of our arrival is explained and the Senior Chiefs is happy and grateful with BmB’s Project 2025. End of the ceremony, well, don’t just walk away of course. Because there is a photographer waiting outside to take a few pictures of us. And that’s no problem of course, but what surprises us: the chief walks out and wants to join us for the photograph. He stand next to me and puts his hand on my shoulder. Turns out Senior Chief Akashambatwa is also an ‘ordinary human being’ of flesh and blood.

A special experience.

 Naliele Announcement BouwenmetBoumas Project 2025 Naliele Announcement BouwenmetBoumas Project 2025 Announcement BouwenmetBoumas Project 2025 Naliele Announcement BouwenmetBoumas Naliele project 2025, Senior Chief.

BouwenmetBoumas from Naliele, Herman Bouma

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