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BouwenmetBoumas, Project 2024, ​Groundbreaking News


March 3, 2024, Construction coordinator Herman from Zambia, about Project 2024


Pickets posts and the electricity box …

BouwenmetBoumas Project 2024 is on the move.The stones are ready and the next step is going into the ground. No building without a good foundation. The location of the school was setled, but a single obstacle had been overlooked. Paper is acceptable, but look, there is an electricity box… and you can’t just move it. Electricity is a great asset in Zambia, so stay away from it. The picket posts therefore had to be driven into the ground a little further away. That is not such a problem in Zambia Kaoma and the delay is limited. I think this would have taken a little longer in the Netherlands.


Because the construction of the classrooms of the Kaoma Trades Training Institute is now really starting, it is starting to come to life even more in the community. Students come to lend a hand and it looks like there was no safety check at the construction gate this time. Fantastic to see how this is going. This remains a special experience.

But now it’s almost time for me to go home. And that’s fine. The local government has and will maintain good coordination.

BouwenmetBoumas from Kaoma, Herman Bouma

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The Kaoma Trades Training Institute is one of twenty-four public TEVET providers in Zambia. The institution is regulated by TEVETA and has grade 2 status, which means that it meets TEVET requirements in terms of infrastructure, modern equipment and qualified teaching staff.