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Project 2020, Kashompa, School with 3 clasrooms

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Project 2020, Kashompa, School with 3 clasrooms

The lent term started on February 26, 2020. This year the Christoffel parish paid attention to our project.

This year we have built three new classrooms in the village of Kashompa. There was already a small school in the village, but it was far too small to teach all the children in the area. Currently, about 200 children are attending school. With the construction of a new school, 3 extra classrooms have been realized. Corona also affects daily life in Zambia. Although the number of infections is not too bad, our project has been delayed considerably. Normally, the project is completed around the summer and can be handed over to the government in the presence of Herman Bouma. Now the transfer has taken place at the 6th of November.

A contribution of € 10,000 has been requested for the project for the fasting campaign. Normally, ⅔ of this amount should be raised by contributions from people who support the project. The fast action adds 1/3 to this. This year, however, everything is different. We and other fundraisers have been able to draw little or no attention to the project. In general, therefore, considerably less money was raised. Our foundation is fortunate to have a large crowd of loyal supporters. In addition, the Christoffel parish has regularly drawn attention to our project in their magazine. Sufficient money has therefore been raised. The fasting campaign has now transferred our project contribution of € 10,000 in 2 instalments.


20 December 2020