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Bouwen met Bouma's / Projects

A time line of 18 Years


Unbelievable, 2024 is already the 18th year for Bouwen met Bouma’s. Time flies.

Our construction coordinator Herman was in Zambia from January 18 to March 6 for Project 2024, the new project for 2025, and to maintain contacts. Gerard had to cancel this trip at the last minute because there is a Cholera epidemic at the moment. Herman had already had a vaccination beforehand.

The 2024 project involves the construction of 4 additional classrooms for the Kaoma Trades Training Institute. The KTTI trains carpenters, among other things. As part of their training, they learn to make the furniture and doors for the new classrooms. Construction has already started. The bricks have been made, picket posts driven and the foundation is almost ready. Follow the latest news on the Blog page.

Project 2024 realisation

Building of a 1 x 4 class rooms block at the Kaoma Trades Training Institute

Projects 2022 to 2006

From 2006, volunteers built small-scale construction projects annually. Amongst others, a kitchen in an orphanage, an infirmary, a shelter for highly pregnant women, a school for disabled children and various schools in other places. Click on the photos to view the projects per year!