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Project 2020

There are plenty of teachers in Zambia, but there is a lack of schools. A new school is being built in Kashompa, which enables more children to receive education. Carpenters in training gain work experience during construction.

What is going on?

There are insufficient schools in the villages around the city Kaoma in Zambia. Moreover, existing schools are often in bad shape. The schools are overcrowded due to the continuous population growth. Providing good eduction is therefore almost impossible. Money is often lacking for the construction of new classrooms. A very primitive school exists in Kashompa, where out of necessity lessons also take place outside. There isn’t enough room available for all 205 students, so they are educated alternately: one half in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

What do we want to achieve?

The Bouwen met Bouma’s Foundation wants to make primary education available for a larger group of children in Kashompa. The amount of 200 children that are schooled currently should be doubled. The quality of education should be improved as well. The construction of the new classrooms also serves as a learning and work experience path for the local carpenters. The local community cooperates and is closely involved in the project.

”The construction of the new classrooms also serves as a
learning and work experience path for the local carpenters.”

How do we achieve this?

Three additional classrooms will be build. The parents help by making stones and concrete. The constructions is carried out by local carpenters. Additionally, seventeen carpenters in training (amongst which six women) are gaining work experience. They make the furniture and the doors for the school. As soon as the school is ready, it will be transferred to the government, which will then appoint four or five qualified teachers. This improves the quality of education.

Projects 2019-2006

From 2006, volunteers built small-scale construction projects annually. Amongst others, a kitchen in an orphanage, an infirmary, a shelter for highly pregnant women, a school for disabled children and various schools in other places. Click on the photos to view the projects per year!