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Bouwen met Bouma's / Projects

Project 2021

At the Kaoma Trade Institute, young people are taught in the field of agriculture, technical installations and administration. Since some years, construction workers are also being trained again. The Bouwen met Bouma’s foundation has made this possible in part by financing lessons for 10 to 20 students. This new training clearly fulfils a need.

Students come to the school from far and wide. Because the distances are great, there is a need for accommodation in the vicinity of the school. At the moment, some of them are being housed off-campus. The school rents space for this. There is also living space on the campus of the school, which is mainly used by female students. With our new project we would like to increase the housing capacity on campus. Our board in Zambia has drawn up a plan that provides housing for 8 students. We want to realize this plan in 2021.

Projects 2020-2006

From 2006, volunteers built small-scale construction projects annually. Amongst others, a kitchen in an orphanage, an infirmary, a shelter for highly pregnant women, a school for disabled children and various schools in other places. Click on the photos to view the projects per year!